In praise of a very good man

Some of us are lucky enough to meet the right partner first time round. And some of us are sufficiently determined to make a relationship work.

It took me three attempts to get in right.

The first time around we both worked quite hard to make it work, but not often at the same time! It was a rather volatile relationship, as we were both very strong willed and not prepared to compromise. We were together for twenty years and produced two fabulous daughters. Immediately after our separation our relationship was a little difficult, but things soon improved and we are now the best of friends.

The less said about my second relationship, the better. We were together for ten years. We are not good friends.

The saying “third time lucky” is certainly true as regards my current relationship. For the first time in my adult life I am with someone who considers me before himself. It is a revelation. We don’t argue because we don’t upset each other. Although there are many trials, tribulations and frustrations in our life here in Spain, they are all easier to bear because we have a very tranquil relationship.


I don’t think I would have wanted ‘tranquil’ when I was young, but now it is heaven. David and I met at the right time, and we are good for each other.

I am not one for great emotional displays. I first thought to write this piece on day 5 of the camino – the first occasion that I listened to music as I walked. I have listened to this album from Shania Twain countless times. I used to listen whilst exercising many years ago – it is very energising music and provided some energy when Ineeded it.

But on day 5 of the camino, I listened with a clear mind and heard the words in a fresh way.

When the song “from this moment” played, my first thought was of David. It suddenly meant a great deal to me. I cried with emotion. It is a bit complicated to embed the song into my blog, but you can see a you tube video here:

David has been very good for me. I believe that we have been very good for each other. He loves me and wants me to be around, yet he never complains when I go away. He was a little taken aback when I told him that I wanted to walk the complete camino and be away for around five weeks. But after he had digested this information he was 100% supportive. He never complained when I talked of nothing else. When I spent all my time trawling the internet and reading the camino forums for information. When I spent hours and hours walking in the mountains. He just supported me. One hundred percent.


No-one will be more surprised than David to read this post. I want to say a huge thank you for all the support and encouragement he has given me. The song says it all really.

About magwood

Trepidatious Traveller - camino blog is about preparing for and walking the Camino de Santiago. Many future pilgrims have found the blog useful and inspiring, and many who have no plans to walk the camino have simply enjoyed the dialogue
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4 Responses to In praise of a very good man

  1. Christine and Malcolm says:

    Oh Maggie what a lovely post for David – you had us both quite emotional xxx


  2. Sue & Keith says:

    Lovely 🙂


  3. Tony Pulle says:

    Hello David, We sat together at the Caves Restaurant (Amblatorios) and I wanted to read Maggie’s blog re the Camino walk. More interesting was the emotional content of your relationship, well done to you both.


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