Bon voyage, 13 April 2013

It is early on Sunday morning. I have just come in from feeding Liana and cleaning the stable on my last day before leaving for the start of my journey. David is having a lie in and all is quiet except for the chatter of the birds in the garden.

Before I walk the dog I want to take a few minutes to reflect on what a fabulous bunch of friends I have here in Spain.

After spending yesterday carefully sorting and packing all my gear for the Camino, we were due to visit Lyn and Jens-Kristian for a farewell drink on their terrace before going to meet friends for a meal in our favourite restaurant. David was insistent that we arrive on time at 6:30 pm sharp, and (unusually) I was ready to leave in good time. We can look across the valley to Canillas and see Lyn and JK’s house from our garden, and as we left home I looked over to see if they were out on the terrace already. But my eyes aren’t great at distances and I couldn’t make out if they were there or not.

Five minutes later we walked through their gate and I commented to David that they had put out bunting on the railings up to the front door which looked very jolly. I rang the bell and let myself in, as usual, and Kris was waiting at the other side of the door to welcome us. Lyn greeted us as we climbed the stairs to the living area and she pointed out a banner across the wall (that I had completely missed) saying ‘Bon voyage Maggie’. What a lovely gesture. Lyn was looking very glamorous and I assumed they were going out to dinner after our drinks.
I was ushered through the patio doors onto the terrace and was met by a chorus of ‘Bon voyage’ from a crowd of my lovely friends.

This photo was taken by Kim at that very moment and you can see the look of delighted surprise on my face.

After saying hello to everyone I gratefully accepted a glass of cava and stood by whilst Lyn made a lovely speech and Peter followed on with a few carefully chosen words in his usual witty style. And then we all continued to chat, drink, and eat the lovely food that Lyn had prepared. I was thoroughly made a fuss of and had a truly wonderful time. It was such a lovely occasion that must have taken a lot of organisation. I discover that David has been telling a few fibs about supposed errands he has been on whilst actually helping to organise the party, but I have been so wrapped up in my own plans that I have not thought to question anything. I am very happy to have such brilliant friends.

Here are a few more pics taken by Jens-Kristian


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