A healthy and prosperous start to 2017

10 February 2017 – It’s been an interesting start to the year.  Or maybe interesting is entirely the wrong word.  Perhaps boring will better describe my experience of January 2017. January 1st saw me returning to Spain from ten days with my family over … Continue reading

A week of variety

17 February 2017 – Last week was the start of my new eating regime (not vegan after all, as I am reliable informed that one cannot be a part-time vegan). I had great fun researching interesting recipes for my plant-based diet and have enjoyed … Continue reading

Time to start making plans…

19 March 2017 – Well, the countdown has begun! Only five weeks until the new adventure starts. I have decided to travel to Madrid by train, which is a little more expensive than flying, but with much less hanging around. I am taking the … Continue reading

A pre-camino adventure…

9 April 2017 – I’ve been on a bit of a jaunt!  We packed the dog off to be cared for by friends and left a mound of food for the cat, and off we went!  We drove west, and our first stop after … Continue reading

Baby steps to a grown-up lifestyle change…

21 September 2017 – Back in February I posted about my plans (new year’s resolutions) to buy no clothes during the year and try out a plant-based eating regime.  I joined a few facebook groups relating to a zero waste lifestyle and a vegan … Continue reading