A jaunt to Jerez

9 January 2016 – Apologies that there has been a bit of a hiatus between my account of the trip that I took with my daughter Ella to Seville (at the end of November) and the continuation of this trip to Jerez – all … Continue reading

Cooperating in Cómpeta

16 January 2016 – I made a lovely walk before christmas and had planned to write a post about it (one of the many unwritten posts) – I had even thought of a title – “a well rounded day” as, not only was the … Continue reading

too close for comfort

21 February 2016 – Panic is not an emotion we would choose to experience too often and I have had more than my fair share in the last couple of weeks. The first time my pulse started racing was in the early hours of … Continue reading

the riddle of the big knickers

25 February 2016 – I did a bit of camino shopping whilst I was in he UK. I bought some waterproof fabric to make a rain skirt (now made), and another length to have a go at remaking my ‘super-duper backpack cover/shoulder cape’. A … Continue reading

They’ll see me coming in this…

9 March 2016 – We’ve had some very stormy weather here the last few days. Yesterday, gale-force winds were whipping around the mountain almost taking control of your movements, pushing you along from behind or almost stopping you in your tracks. There was even … Continue reading

Blooming wonderful!

22 March 2016 – I was disappointed this morning that my friend, with whom I had planned to walk, was poorly and was not fit to join me.  So I thought I would take the opportunity to  make a longer trek in the mountains … Continue reading

A downhill stroll – priceless!

13 April 2016 – Let’s walk from Frigiliana to Nerja she said. That sounded easy, Nerja is on the coast and Frigiliana is around 7 kms inland and uphill, so I would be a partaking of a relaxing stroll downhill for a couple of … Continue reading

Settling back down to life as normal

9 June 2016 – I have been cursed with an earworm ever since I have returned home.  It’s not a phrase from a song on my camino playlist (I only listened to it a very few times on this camino), or something I’ve heard … Continue reading

Local trio join forces for fundraising ‘triathlon’

12 June 2016 – Actually each of us independently organised our own event, but it just happened that they culminated at the same time…and I couldn’t resist the headline! As you will know, I have recently completed my latest camino walk and whilst I … Continue reading

A long and lazy summer

14 September 2016 – It’s been a while since my last post (slightly more than three months in fact). I did start writing the following six weeks ago… As I start to write this (and I may well not complete it for a few … Continue reading

Taking the good with the bad

26 October 2016 – I’m coming to the end of a fortnight’s visit with my youngest daughter. Partly for some quality time with Rosie and her beautiful family, and partly to baby-sit whilst Rosie and her new(ish) husband go away for four days. It’s … Continue reading