Blooming wonderful!

I was disappointed this morning that my friend, with whom I had planned to walk, was poorly and was not fit to join me.  So I thought I would take the opportunity to  make a longer trek in the mountains by way of some much needed training for my forthcoming camino.

So I set off on my favourite circular trail in a brisk wind, walking along the road to the Fabrica de la Luz and then following the river and steadily climbing towards Puerto Blanquillo and then returning to Canillas de Albaida via the ‘ventas’.

I recorded the walk on Wikiloc leaving from, and returning to, Santa Ana church – a distance of 18 km, but from home I had walked an additional 2 km.

I didn’t take any photos of the stunning scenery that surrounded me because I already have so very many.  But instead I photographed all the beautiful wild flowers I passed en route.  The photos are not all as crisp as they might be due to the movement in the wind, but you will get an idea of the huge variety on display.

I was surprised not to see any lavender which abounds in the area, nor were there any wild orchids on this walk, but as I have some in my garden I have included them at the end, together wth two of my garden favourites

flower pic 1

flower pic 2

flower pic 3

flower pic 4

flower pic 5

flower pic 6

flower pic 7

flower pic 8

flower pic 9

flower pic 10

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Trepidatious Traveller - camino blog is about preparing for and walking the Camino de Santiago. Many future pilgrims have found the blog useful and inspiring, and many who have no plans to walk the camino have simply enjoyed the dialogue
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17 Responses to Blooming wonderful!

  1. Wonderful photographs. I so love the close-ups. Happy walking. 🙂 ❤


  2. Mrs Katherine A Paterson says:

    Wow, all on that one walk Maggie, fantastic!


  3. Ron Adam says:

    Spring is here, and getting fabulous!


  4. Some of these are familiar from my Camino walks in May, but of course they flower much earlier where you are.


    • magwood says:

      Yes, we are surrounded by beautiful flowers and fragrances here, particularly at home with the jasmine and wysteria outside my door. Are you caminoing this year Margaret?


  5. mary lynch says:

    Good to hear you are back in the saddle dear Maggie with the camera strapped to your neck.
    Beautiful photos as usual. Many thanks for posting xxx


  6. Jenny Heesh says:

    Beautiful photos Maggie! What a joy to see such a profusion of wildflowers on your walk, plus to have such gorgeous flowers in your garden.
    Cheers –
    Jenny xxx


  7. Marilyn van Graan says:

    Hello Maggie – what can I say – gorgeous as always – you gave inspired me to take photos of the flowers now when I walk – not just the big bushes but those tiny little gems sleep its hidden in the undergrowth – looking forward to meeting you 🌺🌹🌻😘


    • magwood says:

      A word of advice – don’t get carried away with the tiny little flowers and try to get too low to the ground with your backpack on, or you might end up like I did once, toppled over on my back and flailing around like a beached whale – luckily without an audience!


  8. Marilyn van Graan says:

    Sorry about the predicted script😳😢


  9. rosejonessola says:

    Reblogged this on Wilding Walks Malaga and commented:
    This marvellous blog sums up the flowers I see daily here through March, April, May. If you can’t do the great hikes that Maggie does, don’t worry – look around at any terrace side, verge or field edge and they’ll be there.


    • magwood says:

      Hello Rose. Thanks for the reblog and the kind words. I have since found some flowers that I missed on that walk. I shall try to get around to posting them.


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