A downhill stroll – priceless!

Let’s walk from Frigiliana to Nerja she said. That sounded easy, Nerja is on the coast and Frigiliana is around 7 kms inland and uphill, so I would be a partaking of a relaxing stroll downhill for a couple of hours.

Oh, how wrong can one be? Just take a look at the elevation profile of this beautiful walk that was very good practice for my fast approaching camino.


It was perfect walking weather, quite dull and fresh but not cold, and the forecast rain held off all day.

I don’t normally drive to walk. I prefer to walk out from my door to the many options I have in the surrounding area. But my very special walking pal Renate likes to go further afield, so I was happy to accept her offer of a trip down the mountain.

First on the agenda was a meeting with a camiga (camino amiga) who I have been in touch with via the camino forum and our respective blogs for a couple of years. She had just finished walking part of the Via de la Plata and then a portion of the Camino Frances and had come down south for some much needed sunshine and relaxation before returning to Canada. It was great to meet up and compare notes over a coffee before we set off on our ‘stroll’ – yeah right!


But the scenery made up for the effort expended and to make it even more special, I was treated to some beautiful wild flowers that I don’t see further up the mountain. It was a glorious, rugged walk during which I gave my boots one last chance to redeem themselves, at which, I am sorry to say, they failed miserably.

flower pics_1




We finished up at La Cueva de Nerja, which is actually situated in Maro, a few km’s inland from Nerja, and still managed to walk virtually 14 km which took us 5 hours. Worth every minute!

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Trepidatious Traveller - camino blog is about preparing for and walking the Camino de Santiago. Many future pilgrims have found the blog useful and inspiring, and many who have no plans to walk the camino have simply enjoyed the dialogue http://www.magwood.me
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13 Responses to A downhill stroll – priceless!

  1. Jenny Heesh says:

    Hi Maggie – What a stunning walk it would have been! And to catch up with a fellow Forum member is completely wonderful.
    What is the name of your little doggins? He/she is muy cute!
    Best, best wishes and take joy in every step –
    Jenny xxx

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    • magwood says:

      It was great to meet Clare in person. And now I have also met with AnnieSantiago. What a week! My little scruff is called Roly and he walks everywhere with me (except on camino) xx


  2. When we left our coffee meetup in Frigiliana, I was impressed by how casually you were approaching the coming hike! (Having just done the opposite direction the day before and taking much longer than 5 hours.) It’s good that the rain held off since some of those sections could be slippery, and the view limited.

    How did your boots let you down and what are you going to do about that?

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    • Jenny Heesh says:

      Hi Clare – I didn’t realise that the Forum member was you! How wonderful that you and Maggie could catch up. Meeting fellow Forum members is so special.
      Best wishes –

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    • magwood says:

      The boots are rubbing a small bunion I have on the outside of my foot. I have another pair of Ecco’s that I originally bought for this camino and they will be fine (famous last words!)

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  3. OzAnnie says:

    Hi Maggie
    Good workout and getting your muscles thinking again .
    What decision do you have to make about your boots ?


  4. the2geordies says:

    Hi Maggie
    Re: Your downhill stroll- some walks don’t turn out as expected, during our “training stroll” (ha ha)
    in The Cheviot hills, we were tested by the elements with Rain, Hail & Snow not forgetting the gale
    force wind that mixed it up nicely, Been following your blogs/posts for years & now i have signed up with wordpress myself to blog our long awaited Camino Frances, starting walking out of SJPP on 4th May.
    The “2Geordies”


    • magwood says:

      Oh, how exciting – I wish you a wonderful camino and I will keep my eye on your blog. It is such a great way to preserve your memories.
      Buen camino!


  5. I was so wanting to go to Frigiliana during my recent visit to Málaga! Maybe next time. Looks like a lovely hike!


  6. I’m excited for you Maggie and will definitely be following you again. I’ve been training on steep hills for my next Camino – they are your friends you know ;o)


  7. Aurélio Simões says:

    Bom caminho, que Santiago te proteja.


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