Maggie and Ella’s other adventure

I am finally getting around to posting a log of my adventure with my daughter last year (2012) when I met Ella mid-way on her return trip to the UK from Sydney, Australia, where she had been living and working for almost three years.  Again, I have to thank Ella for suggesting this trip, although I didn’t hesitate even for a second to agree the plan.

So, the decision had been made in principle, but we had to work out the detail.

It was an easy decision to meet in Bangkok, more or less half way, and easy to access. But we had allocated three weeks for our adventure – so where else should we visit?

Sight-seeing in Bangkok

Sight-seeing in Bangkok

Many years ago I had briefly worked alongside a gentleman from Sri Lanka who had impressed me with tales of the beauty of his country, so this was high on my list. And after considering various additional possibilities, we agreed that the third destination would be India.

Fishing boats in Galle, south west Sri Lanka

Fishing boats in Galle, south west Sri Lanka

I had never done any major travelling before – a couple of work related visits to California, but other than that I hadn’t been outside Europe. So it was a really big deal for me.

Ella researched and organised the itinerary – we were to have three full days self guided stay in Bangkok, then an early flight on day four to Sri Lanka where we stayed for ten days, and the last leg took us to Delhi via Mumbai for our final week in India.

You think you're hard done by if you can't find a seat on the bus? In India it is normal practise to sit 'on' the bus -  even on the motorway!

You think you’re hard done by if you can’t find a seat on the bus? In India it is normal practise to sit ‘on‘ the bus – even on the motorway!

I had an absolutely fabulous time, both spending such ‘quality’ time with my daughter, who I hadn’t seen for almost three years, and taking in the sights and sounds of cultures so varied and interesting. It was a great experiencee and I made daily notes of our adventures, although I hadn’t worked out how to create a blog at that time.

So, over the next few weeks I shall post a day by day account of our trip, together with a few of the hundreds of photos I took.

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    Great! another exciting blog to read – thank you x


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