OK, time to get serious

Aged eight weeks my boys are now old enough to fly the nest. I have given them wings and now they need to find new homes. You can see my post here describing how I came to care for these tiny bundles of fluff, who have now grown to be slightly larger bundles of fluff.

from this on 28 November

from this on 28 November

to this, 28 December

to this, 28 December

Despite being dumped in the rubbish bins in Competa at the age (according to the vet who examined them) of between 3-4 weeks, they instantly settled in with us here, even though there weren’t entirely welcomed by Roly and Sheba. They are an absolute delight, full of fun, entirely socialised, very affectionate, but happy to fend for themselves when necessary. We have tested them on a couple of visiting children and they behaved beautifully, lapping up all the attention, and they are obviously used to our dog and cat (although the reverse isn’t true!). Over the last couple of days we have been introducing them to the great outdoors and they love romping around on the terrace, playing with pine cones and wind-fall oranges.





I am not an expert, but would anticipate these two growing to be of short and stocky stature, with thick coats and curly tails. They are very bright (I sound just like a proud parent!) and having watched Roly and Sheba coming and going via the cat flap, learned in just one session how to follow suit. I am hopeful that they will soon be taking themselves into the garden to ‘do their business’ (that will save a lot of newspapers – David and I have been going around the village surreptitiously collecting copious numbers of the give-away rags over the last four weeks!)



However, a deadline looms. I am off to the UK on 20 January to help celebrate my grandson’s third birthday and the boys have to be rehomed by this time. I am absolutely sure that they will make adorable pets. It would be lovely to think that they could be rehomed together, but they seem quite independent of each other and do not get stressed when they are parted, so they would very soon settle in a new home if they are separated. They will be wormed, vaccinated and chipped ready for their new homes. This cost will be met by our local animal charity “Action for Animals” who work tirelessly to provide care for the dogs and cats in this area, and they can also contribute towards the cost of neutering.

There follows a gallery of photos taken today showing them at every angle. They are both a cinnamon brown colour, Bootsie is a little darker, has four white socks, a bib and a flash on the back of his neck, and Eddie has just a little white on his back feet. They are both developing lovely facial markings, lighter patches around their eyes and eyebrows and a flash along their noses.

If you, or anyone you know can give these lovely chaps a loving home, please let me know. Could you please share this post amongst your Facebook friends and with anyone you think may be interested. Many thanks for taking the time to read this.
















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