An unintentional ‘selfie’

Today has presented a few photo opportunities.

My alarm (in the guise of Sheba the cat) was a bit late going off this morning and I opened my eyes at around 7:15 am and was greeted by a very unusual sight – a red morning sky. Now I expect many of you may experience this on a regular basis, but our house is tucked away in the lea of a mountain, and although we benefit from magnificent sunsets, we don’t get to see the sun until 10:00 ish and consequently our morning skies are usually unremarkable.

I know these colours don’t last long so I quickly whipped the bed covers off, and rushed to grab my camera and much to Liana’s amazement (and probably annoyance because I was carrying my camera and not her morning carrots) I clicked away wearing only a pair of sandals. By the time I had got dressed, fed the cat and prepared said carrots, the sky although still pretty and transformed in a matter of minutes into our normal pretty vista.




Camera in pocket, I took a few more shots as I walked the dog.

prickly pear


And as I still had the camera in my pocket when I went to groom Liana after her breakfast I decided to have a go at a shot of her eye, reflecting the surrounding vista. I love the results but need to practise a bit more and find a way to avoid the unintentional ‘selfie’.





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9 Responses to An unintentional ‘selfie’

  1. Wendy Kate says:

    I think that’s rather lovely to see yourself reflected in the horse’s eye 🙂


  2. Marianne says:

    Yes, the sky was lovely this morning, Maggie. Nice shots in Liana’s eye!


  3. That sky looks on fire and all your photos are gorgeous.
    I would never have thought your reflection in your lovely horse’s eye would be transferred back into the photo. Wow. Truly interesting. ❤


  4. Ah, very clever! And great texture on the horse’s face. A special one, I think.


  5. kristina wilkening says:

    wow. cool crazy reflections of you in your horse’s eye.


  6. Irish Sue says:

    These just got me excited about coming back to Competa Maggie. Hopefully when the ‘fierceness’ of full summer has calmed just a wee bit!
    I fly back tomorrow and hope to see you & David for a vino soon!
    Hug from me,
    Irish Sue


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