Conspicuous by my absence…

I have received a comment from a follower of the blog to remind me that I haven’t posted here for quite some time.  Four months to be exact.  I’m not sure where all that time went!

So here is a very simple and quick post that has been in the planning for a very long time, years rather than months.

The image used in the header of this post is taken from the Camino Frances, a view that accosted my senses on reaching the brow of a substantial hill on the stage between Nájera and Santo Domingo de la Calzada.  The view of the camino track winding through the fields of crops far into the distance took my breath away (or it might have been the effort of climbing the hill that caused the breathlessness!)

To my mind the image is so synonymous with my caminos that I chose it to be the permanent header for my blog posts (until I learned how to change the header with each post to create a bit of variety).

But it seems I am not alone in this opinion. I have seen this same view posted over and over again on various forums and on facebook and I have saved most of them to my photo library.  It is instantly recognisable to me, whatever the season, whatever the colours that nature is displaying.  I hope you enjoy the following photos as much as I have for the last several years.

With thanks to those who have posted these photos and I hope you are happy with them being grouped here for all to enjoy.

my photo taken in April 2013 on my first camino, showing my daughter far in the distance.


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Trepidatious Traveller - camino blog is about preparing for and walking the Camino de Santiago. Many future pilgrims have found the blog useful and inspiring, and many who have no plans to walk the camino have simply enjoyed the dialogue
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32 Responses to Conspicuous by my absence…

  1. Maggie Gardner says:

    I am so looking forward to your next Camino. xx


  2. Christine & Malcolm says:

    It just speaks volumes Maggie…… Wonderful photos !


  3. OMG, you nailed it! The photos are so evocative of my memories of Camino. Did we all stop, look up and marvel at that spot!


  4. Dave says:

    The ‘long and winding road’ type photos on the casinos are my favourite, too.


  5. Janice Tyler says:

    Great pix Maggie, especially as it is snowing here today! What’s next?


  6. Richard Winter says:

    Interesting to see the passage of the seasons and who uses filters and who doesn’t. Whatever, it’s a great shot.


    • magwood says:

      Hi Richard. Yes, a couple of the images are startlingly colourful. Natural colours work best for me, even if they are a bit dull sometimes.


  7. caminojakke says:

    Nice set of photos!


  8. Steve Harding says:

    Great photos. I see what you mean about it being instantly recognisable. Keep on walking and reporting. We love it 🙂


  9. Cindy says:

    absolutely stunning images. how wonderful to have a collection from different times of the year. how gorgeous the seasonal changes. all you need is some snow 😉


  10. magwood says:

    Actually its 11 weeks, 6 days, 14 hours, 24 minutes and 30 seconds – but who’s counting!


  11. Sue says:

    Lovely past reflections for you Maggie. I couldn’t look that far ahead knowing I had to go all that way. X


  12. And time keeps marching by. I have just posted for the 1st time in a month myself over on my blog 🙂


  13. mary lynch says:

    Welcome back dear Maggie. We missed you and your wonderful writing. Longing to know more about this year’s adventure. Happy new year xx


  14. Jerry o'connor says:

    As usual, your words and your photos are fantastic and never fail to stir the camino travel bug. Good to have you back. Buen Camino.


  15. Judy Blight says:

    Love all the photos


  16. Maureen says:

    That is such an iconic photo spot! All of them look beautiful, and as I was in that spot in mid-October the ones with the poppies look stunning! That photo plus the ‘white house’ outside of Villafranca del Bierzo will always conjure up immediate thoughts of Camino times! Thanks!


    • magwood says:

      Yes, that view of the house on the hill! I have also seen that come up many times on the forum. It was a dull day when I passed, and on my first camino I was using my iPad as a camera so couldn’t zoom in, but even so, there is something special about the shot.


  17. Sheila Niemi says:



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