Ruta de la Lana, stage 14, Villar de Domingo García to Villaconejos de Trabaque, 23.5 km

Distance, 23.5 km
Elevation gain, 0 m
Elevation loss, 157 m
Total distance, 405 km
Daily average, 28.9 km

Today was walked entirely on the road. It rained a lot during the night and we didn’t want a repeat of days past, struggling through the deep mud. As we left town I commented to Nina that although it was cold, at least there was no wind. Well, “don’t tempt fate” and “don’t speak too soon” are phrases that come to mind. A bitter wind picked up as soon as we left the confines of the town and entered open farmland. F-f-f-freezing on my poor bare knees. The camino track was very close to the road most of the way. We started on the CM 210, very quiet on Easter Sunday. Not much shoulder but without fail all drivers gave us a wide berth, although without fail they drove at very high speed. I forgot to turn on Wikiloc until we had already covered 4 km.

We reached our first village, Torralba, at 8 km. As we arrived we saw two unknown pilgrims leaving. There is a bar, but sadly not open until 9:30, but happily there is a small shop next door which is open. They sell fruit and veg. Oh how I have been craving some fruit. I buy tomatoes (the really sweet irregular shaped ones) and a couple of mandarins and a packet of Oreos (just because they are vegan, not because they taste so good 😉). Most spanish biscuits are sold in bumper packs, really heavy and bulky. Oreos come in a manageable single size. So that’s two good reasons for buying them, although I could probably think of many more bad reasons!

We spy the new pilgrims walking on the track 100 m or so from the road. We hope it is muddy and difficult to walk, not because we wish bad things for them, simply to reinforce our choice to walk on the road.

We have walked 16 km by the time we reach Albalate de las Nogueras and find a bar at the entrance to town. We have been there for a while when the new guys walk in – a Swiss couple who took the alternative route on yesterday’s stage. And we were happy to see that they had very muddy boots and were planning to take the road the rest of the way. So there are now six of us walking the same stages. Quite unusual on this camino I think.

5+ km more take us to our destination, a town of 400+ inhabitants which, judging by the rather grand properties dotted around, has been a wealthy town. We find the albergue, which is situated in a house attached to the ermita de la Inmaculada, the former residence of the caretaker of the church. We are met by the very friendly hospitalero Pepe (646 128 868). We have heard very good things about Pepe, relating to food and drink and true enough, after checking us in he tells us he will be back at around 20:30 to take us for dinner. Now there’s an offer that would be hard to decline. There are several bedrooms at the albergue with plenty of blankets to go round. We are allocated a room with a bunk and a single. There is one small fan heater to share between the various rooms. The kitchen has a microwave and hot plate and there is a lovely garden which would be delightful in warmer weather.

We’re pleased to see that there’s a shop open in town so I quickly change into practically every item of clothing in my pack and trot back into town to buy some supplies. I will make another bean dip, it is an easy and cheap source of protein. We then squeeze ourselves into the bar which is heaving with jolly, chatty, friendly people. We learn that most of those present don’t actually live here anymore, but are visiting family over the long Easter holiday. One guy tells us he has walked parts of a camino and another has walked the Frances twice and last year was hospitalero in Ponferrada.

Once again I miss out with the very generous tapas, all meat or fish based, but on our third round I ask for olives, which come with the addition of anchovies! I’m past caring about contamination – just push them aside and let me get at the olives!

I didn’t actually take any photos whilst walking. Grey cloudy skies are not very inspiring and I had no inclination to remove my two pairs of gloves in order to take a dull photo.

I invented a new item of camino clothing this year. The cut-off hoodie. A lightweight fleece from which I cut the sleeves and the lower back. I do not like my back to be too warm. My preference is for sleeveless t-shirt and arm warmers but that leaves a gap on my shoulders. In previous years I have used a scarf to wrap over my shoulders and across my chest. This year’s model has worked extremely well. With no back or sleeves, I can pull it off without removing my pack. The hood keeps my neck and ears cosy and when I start to warm (which hasn’t been that often on this camino) I can pull up the front and tuck it up behind the sternum strap. Not very elegant, but extremely practical.

On the advice of a guy in the bar we take a trip up to the statue of Christ overlooking the village, and indeed, as promised, the views were impressive. We have some interesting days ahead of us. I just wish for a bit of sun and blue sky to go with them!

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Trepidatious Traveller - camino blog is about preparing for and walking the Camino de Santiago. Many future pilgrims have found the blog useful and inspiring, and many who have no plans to walk the camino have simply enjoyed the dialogue
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11 Responses to Ruta de la Lana, stage 14, Villar de Domingo García to Villaconejos de Trabaque, 23.5 km

  1. Janice Tyler says:

    That is a very snazzy backless hoodie and a very handsome Jesus!


    • magwood says:

      I know Janice. If he was depicted like this more often there might be more people going to churc!


      • Ellie Hutcheon says:

        Oh Maggie, I’ve just done a catch-up on your last week and am in awe. Thank you for your entries and comiserations for the mud, cold and rain. I’m about to pop out to visit a peregrina whom I met on the Caminho Portugeus late last year. She lives about 15 kms from me. Yes, we know what a small world it is!
        I guess that you find walking the Caminos addictive like I do? Though living down on the south coast of Australia it’s no small feat and a mighty hit to the bank balance and leave from work to get to Espana. Thanks again, E 🤗


      • magwood says:

        Hi Ellie. I know I have it easy living on the doorstep of so many caminos. I really appreciate the effort and expense you go to to walk here in Spain. Buen camino for your next adventure.


  2. Susan Harris says:

    Wishing you some warmer days.
    Just for a change I believe we have all the sunshine.
    Happy Easter. I don’t believe I’ve seen an Oreos Easter Egg if I do I’ll keep you in mind.
    Warmer dryer days are wished for you. Xx


  3. Colleen says:

    Loving the hoodie… my walking buddy last year convinced me that hoodies were the way to go… I’ll have to search for one before October 😀 Happy Easter to you both!


  4. Tony Rice says:

    After reading the first few paragraphs my first thought was “Maggie, you’re bad” wishing ill on others.🤣 Your modified hoodie reminded me of a medieval garment you see in history books. Nifty idea.
    Buen Camino

    Happy Trails. Tony


  5. Dave says:

    Following your every move – not in a stalker type of way of course! It looks like a lot of fun and wish I could be there. I’m glad it’s not all too easy or you’d be just ticking off stages. I really like the photos. Keep ‘em coming.


  6. M3 Mary says:

    Well done Maggie the road was the best option yesterday by the sound of it. I wish warm sunny weather and blue skies for you from now on. It’s not very good here either and people in Ireland have been texting me telling me how wonderful the weather is there. Strange days. Looking forward to hearing where Pepe took you to dinner. Buen camino and much love xx


  7. alan lampard says:

    An enjoyable post as usual Maggie. Stay well.


  8. Marilyn van Graan says:

    Talk about hacking away at a perfectly good jacket to get to a camino style piece of clothing – only you Mags can come up with this sort of ingenuity. It works so it must be good!! Nice going you girls certainly munching up the Kms. Wish the weather was kinder to you both – I am sure it will happen soon!!! Love always XXX


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