Ruta de la Lana, stage 24, San Esteban de Gormaz to Alcubilla de Avellaneda, 25 km

Distance, 25 km
Elevation gain, ? m
Elevation loss, ? m
Total distance, 678.5 km
Daily average, 28.3 km

The day starts well with a farewell to Marianne and Ruedi, our Swiss friends with whom we have been keeping pace since Cuenca. They will finish this camino another time. We will miss them.

After a long trek out of town, due to our hostal being on the outskirts, we were on a track at 2.5 km. it was unusually quiet on the road for mid-week, but then I realised it was Mayday public holiday, so not much was moving at 07:30. We passed through rolling agricultural land. Amongst the cereal crops are the occasional vineyards. Another blue sky, hot sun day, with a deer peeking out from the wheat field.

Nina and I took these photos at the same time…see how even our cameras can only see our own halos!

Cuckoos have been a constant companion on this camino we hear them, but never see them. Today, for the first time a bird flew overhead whilst cuckoo-ing.

First village Matanza de Soria at 8.5 km and then on the road to village number two, Villálvaro at 12 km. After a short break I found it difficult to get started again. My right thigh/hip was very painful for no apparent reason. Once I got going I could keep up a good pace, but didn’t dare stop again for fear of not being able to continue so we passed straight through village three, Zayas de Báscones at 19 km and I tuned into my camino playlist to give me some impetus to reach village four, Alcubilla de Avellaneda at 25 km.

I made it to the front door of the bar, but there was a flight of stairs to climb and my leg had gone on strike. I couldn’t put any weight on it. Nina brought me an ice cold Fanta which I supped sitting on the bottom step. It was time to give up. Luckily Tomas, a very kind man from the bar, offers to drive us back from whence we had come. He has a small hotel in the village Marquesa de Tavira, 615 826 895 / 975 357 681. He takes us to the emergency department where we had been only last night for Nina. And now here we were again. I had my first ever ride in a wheelchair, and felt absolutely ridiculous, but I really couldn’t put any weight on my leg. There was a different doctor and nurse on duty, but equally as kind and caring as those last night. The doctor quickly assessed my problem and decided it was my hip that was malfunctioning, organised an injection of Metamizol into my bum and told me to rest for a day or two. This is my first serious injury in seven caminos, and I don’t like it one bit.

Dear Tomas had waited for us and drove us back to Hostal Moreno where we stayed last night, and where I have been in bed ever since, with Nina waiting on me and anticipating my every need.

So more thanks are due to the kindness of strangers and a huge debt of gratitude to Nina for being an utterly supportive friend. And big hopes for a speedy recovery.

The information at the top of the page is incomplete because I forgot to turn off Wikiloc until we had been in the car for a few miles.

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Trepidatious Traveller - camino blog is about preparing for and walking the Camino de Santiago. Many future pilgrims have found the blog useful and inspiring, and many who have no plans to walk the camino have simply enjoyed the dialogue
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30 Responses to Ruta de la Lana, stage 24, San Esteban de Gormaz to Alcubilla de Avellaneda, 25 km

  1. alan lampard says:

    Oh no,what a shame Maggie. After many thousands of kilometres your body stages a protest. Sincerely hope it’s quickly persuaded to get walking again. Do rest and best wishes peregrina.


  2. Dave says:

    Ahhhhhh! So sorry to hear of your injury, Mags. I’ve been there twice in past caminos and for restless souls like us, it’s really hard and disappointing to have a forced stop. I really hope you can sit still for a few days and get fully recovered – don’t rush it, you will get better. Love the great photos. Time to start a new Kindle book and chill! With you in spirit as always ……


  3. Dora says:

    Hopefully a couple of days of rest and you’ll be as good as new. Feet up and take it easy x


  4. Jeannette says:

    Dear Maggi I’m so sorry about you feeling such a pain, I hope you get back to normal soon, listen to your body please and take a good rest. A big hug.


  5. Colleen says:

    Oh my word Maggie! Not happy at all to read this news! I’m glad that you have Nina to keep your spirits up! Take care and praying that you will be fighting fit in no time at all ❤


  6. Sending you big hugs and tonnes of get-well-soon wishes. It is just terrible when your body doesn’t do what you want it to do. Take care, Melx


  7. Sending you big hugs and tonnes of get-well-soon wishes. It is just terrible when your body doesn’t do what you want it to do. Take care, Melxx


  8. Paul says:

    After all your Caminos with hardly blip, such shame ,hope you don’t have to hang around to long.But put your body first the Camino wont go away.
    All the best Paul.


  9. Katherine Paterson says:

    Oh dear Maggie, what a shame, you must have been in agony. Hope things will improve with rest. Glad you have Nina with you.
    A word of warning about METAMIZOLE though.
    I have read a lot in the Olive Press about it and the fact that some Northern Europeans can be allergic to it but not, apparently, Spanish/Southern Europeans. Do a bit of research before you take it regularly. Other name is Nolotil.
    Hope you feel better soon.


  10. sixwheeler says:

    Oh dear Maggie, that’s a bugger. Hope a couple of days rest will see you on the road again soon but listen to your body and don’t push it. I abandoned a walk in France five years ago with a shoulder injury and it’s still not 100% so be warned.
    Good Luck for a speedy recovery.


  11. Maggie Gardner says:

    Maggie so sorry to hear about your hip, hope it improves quickly. Do take care, you don’t want to end up with a long term problem. Your halo photos are intriguing. Sending hugs. xx


  12. ingridfolkers says:

    Oh Maggie that suks. Hope the meds at least give you some relieve. Light and Love


  13. Kay says:

    Look after your hip, Maggie. That’s crucial. Brilliant pictures.


  14. So sorry to hear this! I’ve been reading your camino blogs for years and you are a real inspiration. Whenever you’re on the trail, I look forward to your daily posts and worry when you don’t show up (which is rare). Wishing you a speedy recovery.


  15. Pat says:

    Oh, what a disappointment for you, so sorry to hear this, but as everyone else says, don’t push it, let it get 100% better before going any further, stuff happens. Take care and speedy recovery Maggie. 👏🏻 A big clap for what you’ve done so far, most people would have thrown in the soaking wet towel by now!


  16. Sure hope that a couple of good nights of sleep do the trick!


  17. Hope you get well quickly! Rest up!


  18. Tony Rice says:

    Tincture of time is often the best medicine. Heal quickly Maggie. Buen Camino

    Happy Trails


  19. Janice Tyler says:

    What a shock for you after so many Caminos. Hoping and praying fir a quick recovery


  20. dougyharry says:

    Hope it gets better soon. Any chance of a physiotherapist anywhere near to have a look at it?


  21. Laurie says:

    Oh, Maggie, I am so very sorry to hear this. Fingers crossed that the rest will allow you to go on. Having had to stop a Vdlp years ago in Cáceres, I know how totally anguishing the decision whether to continue or not can be. It was so hard to decide to stop, but once the decision was made, it became clear that it was the right one. Hopefully you will have the same clarity, but the decision will be the opposite. Rest well, peregrina.


  22. judyhath says:

    I’ve often heard the expression “the Camino provides”. Perhaps this time it is providing an opportunity for rest and reflection. I’m sorry to hear of your injury and send best wishes for strength of limb and spirit.


  23. Ruedi says:

    Dear Maggie,
    We are so sorry to hear about your injury. How do you feel today? We imagine how hard it must be for you to be “horizontal”, instead of walking and enjoying the beauty of nature. But how wonderful to hear that Nina is with you, a faithful friend at your side. Bless her!
    Ruedi and I have had a good journey to Madrid, and arriving here, were quite overwhelmed with the big city, far from the quietness of the past week! But we are getting there. Found a good place to stay right in the center and today we want to explore the Prado and so on. At the moment we have our cafe con leche….
    Thinking of you and wishing you patience and peace, we send you much love. Give a big hug to Nina from us as well.
    Hear from you again, we hope,
    Marianne and Ruedi, your Swiss friends


  24. Marilyn van Graan says:

    Oh my lovely Mags – I am so sorry to hear this – what a darn awful thing to happen – glad Nursie Nina is there to assist in true pilgrim style. I wonder if the painful foot is anyway connected – well of course it is connected but the pain from foot to hip !!!??? Take a good rest – heat and ice it as often as you can – will be praying for you dear heart – still loving your photos – the one of the buck is stunning. The kindness of people who don’t know us but care anyway is so humbling and amazing. Love always darling XXXXXX

    Liked by 1 person

  25. Dave says:

    A up. How are feeling? Have you managed to rest today? Quick question – where did you find your gpx route, please? I’d like to download it onto my ipad for the future. Maybe the future can be the present soon ….. Cheers.



  26. Lucy says:

    So sorry that you have injured yourself and hopefully a few day‘s rest will have you up and running again. As others have said, listen to your body and I‘m sure you‘ll make the right decision that‘s best for you. Sending you lots of best wishes for a speedy recovery.


  27. hannas123 says:

    Hi Maggie ,just want to say once again how much i have enjoyed reading your bloggs ,this one especially as Doug and I are flying to Madrid on Monday and then starting from Villena on 10 may (we only have 3 weeks so will get as far as we can ,and busing the first day as from your and Kevin description industrial .Are there any bits you think could be skipped in lieu of getting further on ,or well just play in by ear( or time ,or body ).yay ,2 more sleeps
    Am not so precious as I was on the first camino I did ,the Francesca about 12 yrs ago) where I walked ,and stumbled ,every step.Hadnt a clue really what I was doing .
    Just wanted to tell you that I had a bad hip then ,or rather 2 sore hips all the way ,and much later on here at home the one hip was very very sore .Had ultra sound eventually and looked serious with tendons torn and etc etc ,but physio gave me exercises and did some treatment on it .It took 3 months to clear and still sore if I dont walk or run properly ,or land wrongly ,but nothing like it was
    Is this helpful or not ? nothing like hearing about other s ailments /body aches So I guess you may be able to get back walking ,look forward to reading more ,and then when you get home look into it more ,I think hip and knee pain is often accumulative .
    Sorry for all the rambling ,but one of these days will meet you hopefully -you are full of joy of life and energy .best wishes Suzette


  28. hannas123 says:

    hey Maggie we missing your blog and worried about you .Where are you still holed up with hip ?
    Wishing you buena fortuna en lo que sera


  29. Heather says:

    Sorry to hear of your injury Maggie. Take a good rest before you attempt more walking. Sure you’ll find it hard to sit still but you have a good friend with you. Love reading your blog and the photos are fantastic. Get well soon. Love Heather xxx


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