To camino, or not to camino, that is the question…

A few days ago a camino friend (hello Margaret) asked me for my thoughts on travelling to Spain to walk the camino this year. In a nutshell, I am pretty sure it’s not going to happen. I have actually anticipated that I wouldn’t want to risk walking for some weeks.

I am not too concerned about catching the virus, although I am at the lower end of the at-risk age group, I am healthy with no underlying respiratory problems. My unease is created by the thought of being caught in a ‘lock-down’ situation in a remote village where it might be very difficult and possibly very expensive to cater for myself for a couple of weeks isolation period. And it might be very difficult or impossible to travel back to the UK if severe travel restrictions are in place.

I have been following a thread on the camino forum posting the latest official information and confirmed cases around the world and specifically in Spain. It has made me realise how lucky I am to live so close to the camino – although not quite so close as I was last year. I have already booked a flight to Bilbao to start this year’s camino, but it cost me the grand sum of £15 so it’s not going to break the bank if I can’t use it. My time is my own so it hasn’t been necessary to make complicated arrangements to get away for a few weeks, other than organising for little Lily to be cared for. And also, I am an old hand at this camino lark – 2020 was planned to be my eighth year of walking in Spain, and I have sampled thirteen different camino routes.

I feel the anguish of those who are travelling from the other side of the world, who have spent a small fortune on air fares, who may have made intricate plans to arrange care for family members during their absence, have organised extended time away from work, and have been anticipating the wonder of the camino during many months of researching and planning their route, buying gear and getting fit.

The forum thread has so many contributions that it is currently split into four separate sections (first dating from 25 February, second 4 March, third from 9 March, and the latest one started today 12 March.  There are many branches to the conversation and it makes very interesting reading, I imagine even if you are not part of the camino community.  Many people have been talking about travel insurance issues – unsurprisingly it seems insurance companies will wriggle out of most claims relating to an epidemic. Possible medical expenses or isolation costs could be significant.

Many hospitaleros have been saying that they will keep the privately run albergues open, but do we really want to be in such close proximity to others in the current climate? Sleeping just feet away from others. Will the albergues actually be allowed to remain open if the number of confirmed covid-19 cases continues to climb exponentially?

It must be heartbreaking to cancel a long anticipated camino, particularly for a first-timer. My heart goes out to all who decide to stay at home after making such a huge financial and emotional investment in their camino. And I can also understand the gung-ho attitude of those who are hoping with every fibre of their being that they will be able to continue with their camino plans.

So, back to the original question – what are my thoughts on travelling to Spain this year? I honestly think that unless you are already there or due to arrive within a week or so, I doubt any of us are likely to have the luxury of deciding for ourselves. I suspect there will be travel bans throughout Europe. This is obviously just a personal opinion, but that is what I was asked for.

Many pilgrims have said that they will postpone until next year. But 2021 is a holy year when numbers on the camino are always greatly increased. So there may well be an overwhelming number of pilgrims walking.

Things may change by the date of my flight at the end of April, and hopefully my doom mongering will be proved to be misplaced.

Indeed, as could be expected, things  have already changed since writing the above last evening, with Trump’s total ban on non-US citizens entering the country from Europe (excluding UK and Ireland).

Here is a really interesting video explaining exponential growth (just one of the many very interesting contributions to the camino forum thread)…

Difficult times! Stay safe and well my friends.
Buen camino (whenever it happens)

Little Lily, now five and a half months, makes me smile every day.  Hopefully she will have the same effect on you

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Trepidatious Traveller - camino blog is about preparing for and walking the Camino de Santiago. Many future pilgrims have found the blog useful and inspiring, and many who have no plans to walk the camino have simply enjoyed the dialogue
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14 Responses to To camino, or not to camino, that is the question…

  1. Dave says:

    Pretty much my view now as well sadly. I suspect the decision will be made for most people anyway as am expecting Spain to be locked down soon. At least in the UK we have plenty of local countryside, national parks and walks to do, and then there’s always Scotland. And fear not for all of your £15! You can claim the £13 Passenger Tax back within a month from the Easyjet site. My Ryanair ticket isn’t so lucky, as they charge a hefty admin fee!!


  2. It’s my view too…I was so looking forward to the Camino Aragonés in May, but I just don’t want to deal with the quarantine…I’m glad I hadn’t purchased the flight yet. Thanks for sharing this.


  3. Ina Sinclair says:

    Very sensible advice! Thank you!


  4. Colleen says:

    Words of wisdom. I am meant to leave in the 13th April and I feel that this is very unlikely now. Living in France it feels so near and yet so far. I am sad and I hope to still be able to go later in the year but for now I feel there’s no place like home. Stay safe Maggie… love the photo of Lily… she’s a cutie ❤



    Interesting and sensible! Did you get my email about meeting up?


  6. Marilyn van Graan says:

    Mags my lovely and best camino buddy ever – I have read your blog with much interest and the replies?? but I am still going ahead with my travel plans. The only thing that will make me change is if we are not allowed to fly from SA. Why does Dave say he suspects Spain will be locked down soon??!! Little Lily is sooo cute – can’t wait to meet her and see you again – it has been too long – much love alwaysXXXX


  7. Alan says:

    Sensible and sobering Maggie. We were walking the Norte on the 15th April. I hadn’t considered any lock down scenario. Food for thought indeed(plant based of course).
    Regards Alan


  8. Tony Rice says:

    The pandemic of 1919 covered the globe at the speed of steam. This current pandemic has done it at the speed of jets. The outbreak originated in China and China due to pride and or political paranoia took to long to sound a warning. The virus is here and it’s going to run its course. At this point any decisions government make will be based on saving their political butts!
    Maggie, I think your decision not to travel outside the boarders of you country this year is a wise decision. We have cancelled our London and Paris April vacation for this year. Maybe next year.


  9. Hi Maggie. I hadn’t bought my tickets yet, and now I expect to spend the spring at home – maybe the garden will benefit. Perhaps many of us will choose to try a real winter camino for 2020-2021.


  10. Mbutterworth says:

    Very sad! I’ve spent many hours planning a trip along the Norte and into the Picos de Europa by public transport, but fortunately have not booked anything (which is unlike me). Fingers crossed for an Autumn trip.


  11. hannas123 says:

    Love Lilly . Good post. Have also decided not to go to Spain April. Had only booked a Quentar stay for 4 wks and paid the 1,000 with Idea of attending Spanish classes in Granada and doing a few short distances
    However will try and transfer to next yr
    It’s served a purpose as have had 6 mths chemo and now “ clear “ so provided a needed future dream / plan
    Yay yY for life and now having to look at this beautiful place am in ,and put in place some of the stuff I learned from te experience of death comes , as it does and will to all of us . Not gloomy but we do tend to live our lives as if immortal
    Like you the Spanish caminos have since I was 60 Given me and husband much joy , and will return
    Buen camino to all those on one mid And future . Y deo gratias for the life I have now .


  12. Aussie Prime Minister has just told to cancel any non-essential travel. Does he not know that caminos are essential?? Melx


  13. lynharrison4wind says:

    Lily made me smile. At least one mission accomplished, Maggie!


  14. Luca y ivonne da Milano says:

    Ciao mag! Anche noi no caminno


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