Camino del Norte, Santillana del Mar to San Vicente de la Barquera 35.8 km

Another dull and slightly foggy day has dawned. Apart from a short track after leaving Santillana I suspect that the whole of today’s walk will be on the road, although most of it on country lanes through beautiful scenery.

Our first stop is at 12 km at Cobreces . After which I take a different route from last time which takes me closer to the coast, skimming a beach and then up an everlasting hill – a real lung buster. I did find a shortcut which I thought would make the going a little easier but in reality I don’t think it was any shorter or any easier.

Next stop was at Comillas, 21 km. This is a beautiful town with ancient buildings, including one designed by Gaudi.

After a coffee break we decide to walk on to San Vicente de la Barquera. We have walked several short quite hard stages recently and I am keen to know whether I still have it in me to do a 30+ kilometre stage. The walk out of town is on a flat footpath along the CA131.

As I was following the road I heard Paul shout to me that I had missed an arrow and he was taking a path high above me. Unusually, I blindly followed him. We ended up walking in the most ridiculous loop off the road, with huge elevation – totally unnecessarily. It must have added 2-3 km of hard walking to our distance.

Once we regained the road the rest of the walk was a bit of a slog. There was a lot of elevation today, constantly up and down hills.

But I walked the 35 km without too much problem, apart from a new blister. The albergue I stayed in six years ago has been taken over by an association of pilgrims and is now much cleaner and smarter. It is donativo.

Our entertainment whilst eating dinner – beautiful Spanish guitar music

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Trepidatious Traveller - camino blog is about preparing for and walking the Camino de Santiago. Many future pilgrims have found the blog useful and inspiring, and many who have no plans to walk the camino have simply enjoyed the dialogue
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8 Responses to Camino del Norte, Santillana del Mar to San Vicente de la Barquera 35.8 km


    35 km – that is really impressive! I feel proud of myself after 6-8 miles!


  2. Still beautiful scenery! I’m impressed with your almost 36 km! Handsome guitarist!


  3. Tony Rice says:

    Enjoying the Camino thanks to your posts. Thank you.


  4. Nina says:

    Your daily posts are a walk down memory lane apart from having to actually walk the 35.8 km today!
    Is the albergue the one on Calle Alta?


  5. WOW! You are really giving that new hip a work out! Go you! Melx


  6. I am SO glad they did something about that horrid albergue in San Vicente de Barquero! The only one worse than that one is the one in Tapia in Asturias.

    ¡Buen camino!


  7. Grethe-Lise Danneskiold says:

    First thing in the morning before starting the day in my office I follow you. Thanks


  8. Marilyn van Graan says:

    Oh wow Mags you always make it so stunningly gorgeous – photos are beautiful and so inspiring – so sorry to have missed all this fabulousness – stay safe my friend and buen Camino


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