Who needs clocks when you’ve got animals?

We don’t need clocks and watches in our house – we always know when it’s food o’clock

I am reliably woken every morning at exactly 7:00 am when my cat Sheba commences her demands for breakfast. Although a rescue moggie from the pueblo she looks and sounds like a Siamese and certainly thinks she is several ranks above any other being in the vicinity.


She terrorises poor Roly and will happily whack him around the head for absolutely no reason. She is impossible to ignore and uses the combined powers of her incredibly loud yowling voice and severe padding (with claws) to make sure she gets her breakfast in good time. This fabulous video will show you exactly how it works http://youtu.be/Jrq03XENSdY

The next demands come from Liana whose single aim in life is to eat. She will be expecting me to appear with her breakfast soon after Sheba has been satisfied, and if I have not presented her with a bowl of carrots and grain with a side of hay by 7:15, she will set about making her own cacophony of demands, also very difficult to ignore.


Stable chores follow Liana’s satisfaction and I clean up the yard and stable, both of which involve a lot of sweeping and much dust, and then it is Roly’s time for attention.

Often David will have joined me about the stable and we will then set off around 7:45 for our regular morning walk, a couple of km’s round trip involving significant climbs and descents, during which we usually meet lots of lovely doggy people and stop for a few chats.

When we return home Roly will, or there again often will not, be ready for some breakfast. He is such a funny little chap and will often go for a day or two without eating – even best raw meat. Sometimes he appears to be asking for food but will just turn his back and walk away when it is presented. Other times he will greedily eat his meat and then empty his own and Sheba’s bowl of dry food and then ask for more. I have given up trying to second guess his mood of the day.


Liana lets us know it is lunchtime when she has a small amount of hay, and at the very dot of 6:00 pm will announce that she is ready for her supper, whilst Sheba will turn up some time during the evening for her dinner and Roly once again, may or may not eat in the evening.

We, of course, fit our meals in around the animals.

I hope I don’t sound as if I am moaning – I really wouldn’t have it any other way!

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Trepidatious Traveller - camino blog is about preparing for and walking the Camino de Santiago. Many future pilgrims have found the blog useful and inspiring, and many who have no plans to walk the camino have simply enjoyed the dialogue http://www.magwood.me
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13 Responses to Who needs clocks when you’ve got animals?

  1. Your extended family members have fascinating personalities. Sure they may be demanding at times but they add a lot to our lives. Each one has character and they look interesting and intelligent. ❤


  2. Wendy Kate says:

    I think 7am is not too bad – we had to get an extra door put in upstairs so our cat couldn’t get to our bedroom door at 4.30am….Now he just sits and waits and woe betide you if you need to use the loo early morning, he won’t let you in the toilet but heads you off down to his breakfast bowl… 🙂


    • magwood says:

      The cats seem to be the main culprits. If I manage to get into the loo before feeding Sheba she spends the whole time rattling the door handle. Most off-putting!


  3. Grania Collard says:

    Your cat is a beauty …..
    I am aiming to be more like lovely Roly…because my natural inclination is to be like Liana as regards food !!! Your descriptions made me smile …..a day in your life sounds such fun…..hard work too I suspect x x


    • magwood says:

      Not too hard Grania – how tough can it be living in the sunshine? I have the same leanings towards food as you – have had a lifetime battle with food, but for the last few years have managed you stay in control – just about.


  4. Kristina Wilkening says:

    Any kind of animal person is awesome in my book. You sound like you have a very sweet and content life! I have a cat named Sushi. She is the little furball of my life!!
    Guess what I just did today. Booked my ticket to Spain!!! Sept 24 I arrive in Madrid. Yippee!! Next thing is to find out about train to Pamplona and bus to SJPP. I really want to stay at Orrison and not do that trek to R in one trip. Plus Orrison sounds like a cool spot to start making friends!!


    • magwood says:

      Oh well done Kristina – how exciting. You will find plenty of info about travel on the forums – I assume you view them? Let me know if you need any help. I am sure you are right about Orrison – lots of pilgrims make firm friends while staying there. Buen camino!


  5. Corinne Fisher says:

    Oooh! Tabbypoint Siamese. Used to breed them years ago. My best friend, 82 now is a Siamese judge still!


    • magwood says:

      As far as I am aware Sheba is just a moggie, but she definitely had the temperament and the voice of a Siamese – maybe that means she is a Siamese!


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