Shhh…….can you keep a secret?

We were a little tired this morning (Sunday) following an extremely late night at the Cómpeta feria (actually very tired and a little jaded after getting to bed at 4:00 am and our animal alarm going off at 7:00 am). Consequently poor Roly didn’t get his early morning walk. But no fear, a treat was in store – for all of us – when we decided to take a late morning trip to ‘la Fàbrica de la Luz’, a beautiful recreation area alongside the river Turvilla, about 3 km from the village of Canillas de Albaida and the same distance from our house.

Although it is a well used facility, with lots of shade and picnic areas, it is often possible to be in this beautiful area entirely alone. This morning there were a couple of cars parked up, but no-one in sight and we spent an extremely pleasant time throwing sticks into the river for the dog and generally enjoying our surroundings amongst the oleander trees.

But, please don’t tell anyone about our oasis of delight – we don’t want too many people visiting and spoiling the peace.

Background music by Antonio Forcione ‘Alhambra’

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21 Responses to Shhh…….can you keep a secret?

  1. Janice Tyler says:

    Yes Maggie it’s our best kept secret too!


  2. Understood! I was always quite indignant if I found anyone at “my” spot on the river below the farm where I grew up.


  3. Marianne says:

    OH Maggie – I’ve never been here. Must put that right very soon 🙂


  4. Sean says:

    Hi Magwood,
    Stop posting items like this please. They make me jealous and I may stop reading them altogether.
    Great stuff with a beautiful flavour of Spain. I cannot wait to get back to the Camino and discover a few similar places.


  5. Spent many a magic afternoon there Maggie.

    PS another secret – Aden is there permanently now too (wink)!!!!!!!!


  6. katherine Paterson says:

    And I thought it was my secret Maggie! Our grandkids are on there way over and it´s their favourite place too! Won´t tell a single soul, promise!


  7. katherine Paterson says:

    I forgot to proof read my entry, don´t want you to think I can´t spell “their”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  8. Thank you. This is such a gorgeous spot. I promise not to tell. ❤


  9. Terry & Jenny Jones says:

    Hi Maggie, we regard it as our secret place as well, we were there with the grandchildren just last week, had it all to ourselves, they thoroughly enjoyed it and wanted to “stay here forever”.


  10. Maggie Gardner says:

    Agree, it is one of the most tranquil places to be in! Like you we don’t tell anyone!!!!!


  11. Corinne Fisher says:

    Oh goodness. How many hours we spent at “The Fabrica”. We used to get together with friends and have a bbq there and cool off.! Again, thanks for the memories.


    • magwood says:

      You’re very welcome, it seems to be a favourite place for so many people, and yet I hardly ever see anyone I know there, unless by arrangement!


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