Camino Mozárabe (Via de la Plata) – day 32 – Cubo del Vino to Zamora 33 km

I made an early start this morning as much heat was forecast for the day. However it started off freezing and I had to stop to put on my coat and a pair of socks on my hands. There was virtually no road walking today, just long tracks through beautiful undulating farmland. Once the sun had risen and burned off the the early morning mist the heat made itself evident before 9am.


I had risen feeling a little depleted today – my feet ached and I didn’t have much energy and there was a fairly long stage to complete. So I just kept putting one foot in front of the other and made the most of the scenery.


There were some new pilgrims staying in the Albergue last night – an Italian couple. There was one bar stop at around 14km and then I took a break in the only shade on the whole track today, sitting under some trees, before digging deep to summon the energy to trek the final portion into Zamora.



It is a lovely city with some beautiful ancient architecture. The Albergue is in an old building and has 36 places. The charming hospitalero had allocated some young early arrivals the top bunks so I was awarded a bottom bunk due to my great age – there have to be some advantages some times to getting older. There is a very nice kitchen and sitting area and some outside space. It is a donativo operated by volunteers and situated centrally in the city.


I will soon run out of space in my credencial for new stamps so the hospitalero gave me a sheet of paper to attach, which will keep me going until the end of my journey.

There are so many new people here. Some may have only started today. It is very different from our little group which is now down to five or six. I hope there will not be issues for securing beds in the coming days. But the route splits in a couple of stages, with the choice of taking a northerly route to Astorga and joining the camino Frances, or heading north west on the camino Sanábres, which I will be walking. I hope there won’t be too many going my way, but I shall have to wait and see.

After the ablutions I took a walk around the town and bought some shopping for supper.

I have a bottle of cava cooling in the freezer so I had better go and claim it before it freezes solid.

Distance according to Wikiloc – 33 km
Accumulated elevation uphill 68 metres
Accumulated elevation downhill 264 metres
Total distance walked 886.1 km, average 27.7 km per day

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Trepidatious Traveller - camino blog is about preparing for and walking the Camino de Santiago. Many future pilgrims have found the blog useful and inspiring, and many who have no plans to walk the camino have simply enjoyed the dialogue
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18 Responses to Camino Mozárabe (Via de la Plata) – day 32 – Cubo del Vino to Zamora 33 km

  1. The end is on the horizon. Afterwards you’ll have a nice spa and put your beaten feet up.
    Lovely pictures. How do you get the tiles post in angles instead of squares, if you don’t mind me asking? ❤ ❤ 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. ingridfolkers says:

    Maggie, am very much looking forward to your walk on the Sanabres. An option I could consider once I am finished with my hospitalera duties in the albergue you are staying in. Ultreia Ingrid


  3. magwood says:

    This is a beautiful city Ingrid – it would be good to spend a little time here and discover all its charms. The current hospitalero is charming and very helpful. I am sure you will be equal to the task. I shall report as fully as I can on the Sanabres. Thanks for your support.

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  4. magwood says:

    Hi Tess, I am using an App called ‘photogrid’ it downsizes the photos to make them quicker to upload to the blog and there is a choice of many different layouts. X


  5. Dave says:

    Going on the Sanabres is definitely the way to go! I walked from Seville in 2012… Buen Canino…


  6. Anthony Pulle says:

    Hello magwood, I have been following your blog daily during the 2 weeks I was in Rome. All good wishes for the rest of your journey. I am looking forward to my return to nerja later this year.
    Regards to you and David


  7. janpow123 says:

    What a cracking photo of the bridge, I love bridges! Ahh…you did remarkably well today considering you were feeling a little jaded first thing! Cava does help though doesn’t it, and you deserve it! ¡Salud y duerme bien!


  8. mary c says:

    I am loving the blog will b there later in the month so glad to have your experiences before me.


  9. You sound a little tired Maggie. And that’s hardly surprising – 32 days of walking takes quite a toll on body and mind.


  10. Donal says:

    Thank you for all your updates.

    My life is very busy just now, your life and that of your companions, brings perspective.

    Thank you for taking the time to share.



  11. mary lynch says:

    You sound a little tired dear Maggie and it’s not surprising. You are doing wonderfully well. Hope you enjoyed your well deserved Cava. Loved the photos today and what a contrast from yesterday’s roads. Almost there. Buen camino.


  12. Keith Rocks says:

    Sorry that you felt a bit depleted today Maggie. Hope your energy levels pick up soon. Beautiful photos, as usual.


  13. heather coffin says:

    You sound a little tired Maggie, I hope the Cava and a few words of encouragement will help. You are doing brilliantly. Absolutely love the photo of the bridge -not too tired to take great photos eh! Love and hugs Heather xxx

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  14. Buen camino y buena cava!

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  15. Genny H. Plank says:

    All who read and walk vicariously with you wish youy well Maggie (forgive the familiarity). May the flowers in the field 🌷, the cows and horses out to pasture 🐮 🐴, your peregrino/peregrina friends 🏃 🙆🏻, and the sun behind the clouds 🌅 give you strength. Buen Camino 👣


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