Stage 6 – Zamarramala to Santa Maria la Real de Nieva, 31 km

It was another very cold start to the day and again I was wearing almost every item of clothing I had with me. But luckily there was little or no breeze and the sun soon came up and I started to thaw.

Almost immediately we were in wide open countryside, almost flat, but with just a few rolling hills. The clouds formed whispy patterns in the bright blue sky and Paul shouted from ahead for me to turn around and look behind me. I was treated to the sight of the first hot air balloons I have seen in Spain.

On such flat land one can see the winding paths for miles ahead and soon we had reached the first village on our route at 5.5 km where we stopped for a warming hot drink and some extremely soggy toast.

Pine trees tapped for the sap

The next village was at 10 km and the third at 19 km where there is an albergue in the village of Añe, but no other facilities – no bars or shops. We continued to Santa Maria la Real de Nieva where we are staying in the tiny donativo albergue with three bunk beds, small kitchen and bathroom. There are a few bars with tapas and a restaurant that doesn’t serve food until 9pm, so we have bought food in the reasonably well-stocked supermarket to cook a pasta dish. A couple of late arrivals turned up in the form of two Spanish women.

The village boasts a large church and beautiful cloister with an interesting history. Luckily the church is open to the public this evening so we shall go take a look.

Overall today, the first two thirds of the walk were beautiful and very enjoyable – the last third slightly less so as it was on wide gravel track and very flat. But all in all, another very pleasant and well signed camino experience.

Today’s distance 31 km
Accumulated uphill elevation 136 m
Accumulated downhill elevation 257 m
Total distance 152 km
Average per day 25.3 km

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Trepidatious Traveller - camino blog is about preparing for and walking the Camino de Santiago. Many future pilgrims have found the blog useful and inspiring, and many who have no plans to walk the camino have simply enjoyed the dialogue
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18 Responses to Stage 6 – Zamarramala to Santa Maria la Real de Nieva, 31 km

  1. Cathy Platin says:

    Looks like quite an interesting day…Brrr! Keep it up!


  2. Sally says:

    Beautiful photos x


  3. Mary Lynch says:

    Wonderful pictures again today Maggie. You sound as though you are relishing this Camino.
    I can see why, when I look at the beautiful photos, the good company you have and nice accommodation what’s not to relish? Enjoy and Buen Camino xx


  4. beautiful photos, fantastic scenery, and the write ups are so interesting, could almost picture being there, well done Maggie and friends i think your all amazing for achieving past and present walks xx


  5. Denise Germer says:

    Beautiful photos and description. I look forward to your posts.


  6. JoAl says:

    Its a compact alberque indeed. Hope you have the heating on. We didn’t and 5 weeks ago we had suffered the worst weather on our Camino.x


  7. If it’s any consolation the weather here is miserable, lots of rain! Love the photo of the four shadows!


  8. Laurie says:

    Hi, Maggie, I think they must fly hot air balloons over Segovia almost every weekend, because I saw them and I know many others who have as well. Nice early morning treat! I am enjoying your blog, as always. If you get a chance to go in the church at Wamba, PLEASE take some pictures. I was so sorry to miss it! buen camino, Laurie


  9. The photo of the church across the field with the mountains behind took my breath away. I love reading your blog and seeing your photos! Thank you!


  10. lynharrison4wind says:

    Superbly composed photo of the four of you peeking out from what I suppose are the church cloisters. i forgot to say that when we flew over the Pyrenees as you were trainig it to Madrid we were astounded at the amount of snow for late April. It does seem unseasonally cold in mid and northern Spain. no wonder you are suffering.


  11. OzAnnie says:

    Lovely – all of it. Seems perfect timing for good pics of blossoms and other flowers.

    But — the weather seems wacky in Spain. Is the freezing weather the ‘norm’ for this camino.
    Whereas a friend walking vdlp earlier this month dealt with abnormal heat. ??

    Hard to know I guess

    Great blog


  12. Uh, Oh! I feel another camino coming on! Thanks for tempting me, but how am I going to explain it to my husband???


  13. Renate says:

    With great joy, I read your blog every day. A great group. You and Paul are already a proven “Pilgerpaar” :-). Greetings to him, I hope he can still remember us. Thanks for the beautiful pictures.
    Buen camino Renate


  14. Danielle says:

    I just love opening my e-mails with a message from the Trepidatious Traveller! They are so informative and your photos are prize winning materials, lol… One question, is there a guide for the Madrid Camino?? I had looked for one two years ago and was unable to find one…


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