Stage 35- O Logoso to Fisterra, 27.9 km

Before I forget I just was to report what fabulous people I have met the last couple of days. In A Pena I shared my supper with pilgrims from Switzerland, France, Germany, New Zealand, Spain and the UK. And I met the most inspiring young man from the Czech Republic who was on his way back to Santiago.

Yesterday in Logoso I spent time chatting with people from Sweden, Uruguay, USA, Singapore, Spain, and France.

I’m not sure where else I could expect to meet and have so much in common with such a variety of people.

Today I set off around 07:00. It was warm enough not to need a coat and it was not raining, but it was very cloudy and a little misty.

The decision about which way I would walk to the coast had been made some time ago, so it was a left turn for me, and when I came to the spot when I knew I should be able to see the sea, it was almost invisible amid the mist.

Camino camping.
On a few stretches of road pilgrims walk with their own double white lines

The sun did come out for about two minutes, just long enough to snap a shadow shot. And then I entered the pretty seaside town of Cee where I stopped for my first bite to eat and drink of the day at 16 km. Just another 11 km to go to Finisterre, but after eating a rather stodgy cake the going was very heavy and I decided I had had enough. I would stop walking today and catch the bus to Muxia tomorrow.

When I reached the beautiful 2 km beach at the approach to Finisterre I kicked off my boots and walked along the shore, dipping my feet in the lapping waves of the Atlantic Ocean.

I stopped off for a beer at the far end of the beach and made my way into town. As I passed by an albergue I heard my name called, and turned to see Eli. What joy! I hadn’t seen her since León, some three weeks back. Camino magic in the making. I could have walked past when Eli wasn’t looking, or if I hadn’t stopped for the beer we would have missed each other, but it just so happened that at the very second I passed her albergue she was walking towards me. I was overjoyed to see her and I quickly went to book into my accommodation and returned to find some lunch with Eli. And then Dave joined us for a couple of drinks and we had a jolly couple of hours reminiscing about our times together and alone.

Then we bought supplies for a picnic with cava at the lighthouse and met at 20:00 to hike the extra 3 km up the hill, never thinking that we would see a sunset, as I had only seen the sun for a couple of minutes all day. And although there wasn’t a glorious show, the sky did clear for a while and give us a mini sunset that was good enough for us.

Another piece of camino coincidence – Eli is modelling the wrap that Marilyn lost whilst walking over the mountain on the San Salvador. Eli found it the next day and carried it all this way hoping to return it. But I think it’s ‘finders, keepers’ now!

By the end of the day I had regained my flagging mojo and now I think I will walk on tomorrow after all.

I’m staying at Pension Lopez, 15 euros for a private room with shared bathroom. It’s nice to spread my things around and have some privacy for a change. But there is much accommodation in Finisterre, most private albergues charge 12 euros and are modern and spacious.

Distance 27.9 km
Accumulated uphill elevation 320 m
Accumulated downhill elevation 579 m
Total distance 954.1 km
Average per day 27.2 km

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Trepidatious Traveller - camino blog is about preparing for and walking the Camino de Santiago. Many future pilgrims have found the blog useful and inspiring, and many who have no plans to walk the camino have simply enjoyed the dialogue
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7 Responses to Stage 35- O Logoso to Fisterra, 27.9 km

  1. Mary Lynch says:

    I had tears in my eyes as I read this Maggie. I’m so happy for you that you met Eli. I’m glad the roads are quiet and you get peace to meditate and contemplate. Not a bad sunset either for a day that showed so little sun. Much love and buen camino xx


  2. OzAnnie says:

    What a fitting finale to your day.
    So glad you all came together and shared the memories of your way this time.
    It can be a downer finishing on your own.
    Very happy for you all.


  3. Brian says:

    Maggie my heart is dancing with joy to see you at the (almost!) completion of another camino, trepidatious indeed, and to think I’ve spent time with 2 of those 3 beaming faces has me grinning like the proverbial Cheshire tomcat downunder!! Enjoy the final stage into Muxia,


  4. What a lovely way to end your Camino meeting up unexpectedly with old friends. This has been a wonderful journey for us all. You are inspirational. Each year you never fail to amaze us. Well done our trepidatious traveller. xx


  5. lynharrison4wind says:

    What a wonderful way to complete your penultimate day. Very pleased to meet up with the intrepud Eli again, too. Indeed, “trepidatious” does rather belong to past times as a fitting description for what have become your increasingly intrepid camino adventures. Peregrinas intrepidos is born! With pretty feet on the beach after 955 kms to boot and a non stop and entertaining blog, fully illustrated. Truly impressive for a trepidatious traveller.


  6. Margot Collins says:

    Maggi, so happy tonight I have tears in my eyes… Your blog is just excellent, enhanced, of course by the lovely pics. You are a wonderful storyteller. I may have mentioned that already. Imagine meeting Eli again, she had stayed a little longer in Leon, right?. I was thinking about her and where she had gone. What a happy ending for you all in Fisterre. Thanks so much.


  7. M. Charlotte Lewall says:

    Eh…Camino provides….and the chance reunions are beyond compare. Thank you again for such an outstanding visual (and verbal) narrative….having juggled ‘stories’ between different interest groups, I have some understanding of the effort required..but I suspect I did not reach your level of expertise. You do this very well. Blessings on your head, peregrina.


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