Stage 34 – Piaxe (A Pena) to O Logoso 29.1 km

My wishful thinking didn’t come to fruition. There was a fierce downpour before dawn but unfortunately it was still raining, albeit lightly, when I left the albergue this morning at just after 07:00. It rained to some extent for pretty much the whole stage. For the most part fairly light and it wasn’t too unpleasant. I was wearing my trendy gaiters in an effort to stop my boots getting too wet, and they did their job for most of the day.

I had just popped into a bar for a warm drink when suddenly the heavens opened in style and there was a heavy downpour for a good twenty minutes. I was lucky that I avoided a thorough soaking. When I walked on it was still raining hard-ish but I didn’t want to wait around any longer in the hope that it would abate further.

The walking was mainly on asphalt today, I would guess the opposite of yesterday, with about 60-70% on the road and the rest on rough woodland track. A heavy mist came and went throughout the morning, making it a bit dicey to be walking on the road wish such limited vision.

‘Holy cow’ – not sure what went wrong here, but I like the effect

I walked on by the albergue I stayed I last time in passed this way and was reminded of the multi-tasking guy that I was unfortunate to share my corner of the room with (for anyone who doesn’t remember this man of many talents, you can read about him here, but do please read the comments, some of which are hilarious.

The rain finally came to a halt around half an hour before I arrived at my destination, giving me the opportunity to combine two of my favourite things into one photo – foxgloves and raindrops. I also saw my first ever white foxglove on the camino, or at anytime come to think of it. There was just the one stem amongst its pink cousins – even in the rain and the mist it was quite beautiful.

Before the sun, and during

During my walk I completely finished my supply of food, demolishing half a packet of biscuits and two nectarines. So no extra weight to carry. I have also shed weight by leaving behind my treasured ‘Lush’ soap bar (equally good for cleaning body, hair and clothes) a couple of days ago; losing my ‘gorillapod’ as I walked out of Santiago; and today the lid to my spare water bottle has inexplicably disappeared. Oh well, I can manage with what I have left for the last few days.

I think I was the second to arrive at the albergue in O Logoso. An woman from Florida had already booked in and we are sharing a room for four and thus far are on our own, all others having been placed elsewhere. The albergue is well run, offers 20 places, has a couple of sitting areas and a functioning kitchen, with an attached bar and restaurant. 12 euros. I have shared a washing load with my room-mate and have spent the afternoon participating in various enjoyable activities, including pony cuddling, drinking wine, eating a bacon sandwich and sitting in the long awaited sunshine.

Perhaps the most perfect horreo

Tomorrow I shall reach the coast – what a treat that will be. And today I am up to date with my blogging – Yay!

Today’s distance 29.1 km
Accumulated uphill elevation 282 m
Accumulated downhill elevation 358 m
Total distance 926.2 km
Average per day 27.2 km

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Trepidatious Traveller - camino blog is about preparing for and walking the Camino de Santiago. Many future pilgrims have found the blog useful and inspiring, and many who have no plans to walk the camino have simply enjoyed the dialogue
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10 Responses to Stage 34 – Piaxe (A Pena) to O Logoso 29.1 km

  1. Lucy says:

    I remember that little alberque in Logono, really friendly guy running the place. In the evening his Mum came to help with the cooking and his Dad was helping with the animals. And the baby pony was there too sheltering under the horrero. I wonder if it’s the same one I saw 2 years ago.
    Thank you once again for the lovely blog.


  2. Mon Dieu I remember that photo well, made me smile again. What a horrid start but at least it cleared so you could get the wonderful photo of the white foxhole.


  3. Oh predictive text!! Foxglove!!!


  4. meg says:

    FABULOUS Photography!!!! Just WONDERFUL!


  5. Conchy says:

    Maggie, why don’t you publish a photo book of your camino pics.? You could divide it in different caminos and one extra part of your flower pictures. I would buy it right away. Your photos are beautiful and so different. Think about it. Love your blog and enjoy it every day.


  6. Janice Tyler says:

    Great photos. Well done Maggie, so proud of you xx


  7. Mary Lynch says:

    Maggie I have to echo Conchy’s words about you producing a book of photos. They are wonderful and I love your style of writing also. If you ever get too old for walking you could have a second career as a writer of best selling travel books. The Camino angel must have made sure you were under cover when that downpour happened. Much love and buen camino xx


  8. lynharrison4wind says:

    I was totally perplexed about the pony living under two stone toadstools until scrolling down gradually revealed the full story. Thanks for the wind turbines and I’ll ask JK about the holy cow!


  9. lynharrison4wind says:

    Holy cattle! JK gives it great entertainment status. Achieved by taking it over an expanded time period (long exposure) while moving the camera, says the proff. Great effect. The next trick will be to achieve similar results intentionally and on command!


  10. rgutena says:

    Dear Maggie, thank you very much for your excellent blog, which has helped me mentally prepare for my Camino Portugues. For 3 days (between Azinhaga and Alvaiazere), I hadn’t seen a single pilgrim on the way, but having read your detailed blog entries on this route, I felt less lonely because I knew I was following in your footsteps. Yesterday I even met the exceptionally kind cafe owner in Alvorge, whom you have mentioned and taken a picture of! He invited me to a fado concert last night but unfortunately I got scared off by the angry dogs in the street as soon as I left my B&B place and didn’t make it to the concert. I will reach Coimbra tomorrow, and I am expecting rain… All the best with the rest of your Camino!


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