Ruta de la Lana, stage 5, Almansa to Alpera , 26km

Distance, 26 km
Elevation gain, 323 m
Elevation loss,163 m
Total distance 143.5 km
Daily average, 28.7 km

No wind, no rain…🎼

Well, there was a fresh breeze, but none of the high winds and blow-you-off-your-feet gusts that we have experienced for the last few days. And no clouds, so when the sun came out, it was with us all day. What a difference a day makes…🎼 !

We left a little later this morning and then stopped for a hot drink at the petrol station cafe at the exit from town. When we left a couple of guys (French & Swiss?) who had stayed at the albergue last night were just ahead of us. So we followed them. The wrong way! Luckily we all realised our mistake fairly soon and didn’t add more than 500 m to our journey. The first part of our walk was on agricultural tracks and quiet roads, but at around 8.5 km the track starts to climb through green wilderness with a long ‘table mountain’ as a backdrop. What with the sun to counteract the increasing wind, and interesting scenery, I really enjoyed this stage.

We played cat and mouse with the spanish guys – they passed us when we took a break and vice versa. At one point we had to walk in fields alongside a railway line. Mostly the farmers had left a path free of crops, but one huge field was planted to the very edge and we picked our way through trying not to trample the newly sprouting crops. I can imagine in a month or two, when the crops have grown or in wet weather, this would be a bit of a slog.

At Almansa the Ruta de la Lana and the Camino Levante meet briefly. The Levante starts in Valencia and passes through Toledo and meets with the Via de la Plata in Zamora. At the 20 km point of today’s stage the paths diverge, and the guys that led us in the wrong direction earlier went straight on as we took a right turn.

It was still very windy today, but with the sun on our backs it was not an issue. The albergue in Alpera is in a house, downstairs is a community room that seems to be used for art projects and upstairs are two bedrooms with a total of five beds, bathroom and sitting room. We have use of the microwave in the kitchen below and washing can be hung to dry in the garden. Unless it is hung out when a downpour begins as it did for Nina and me. Luckily there are radiators downstairs and I am hoping it will dry by the morning as I need to wear some of it. Albergue 7 euros, keys from ayuntamiento. If likely to arrive after 14:00 ring ahead and let them know you are coming 967 330 001.

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Trepidatious Traveller - camino blog is about preparing for and walking the Camino de Santiago. Many future pilgrims have found the blog useful and inspiring, and many who have no plans to walk the camino have simply enjoyed the dialogue
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9 Responses to Ruta de la Lana, stage 5, Almansa to Alpera , 26km

  1. Susan Harris says:

    Just love that last photograph.
    It seems so pure, you can visually use it fabulous.
    I will use this image in my yoga thrive.
    I bet I’m more tired than you, spent 5hrs at the Wild Place today with Aubree.


  2. Maggie Gardner says:

    It intense blue of the sky never fails to amaze me, beautiful. Such a different landscape. So pleased the weather is being kind to you both. xx


  3. Dave says:

    Fabulous reports, Maggie. It brings all the camino trips back. I’m glad it’s all got off to a sterling start.


  4. Tony Rice says:

    Great pictures Maggi. Buemi Camino

    Happy Trails. Tony


  5. Loving your blog as always. When I walked the Levante, we took a detour to break up the long stage into Almansa and slept in Alpera. We were the very first pilgrims to sleep there! Pictures are great, buen camino, Laurie


  6. M3 Mary says:

    I’m delighted you have sunshine and little wind at last Maggie. It makes life so much easier while walking. I hope the clothes got dry for morning. I’m loving this Camino. You haven’t mentioned food very much. I presume you are cooking for yourself in the evenings?
    Take care Bon camino and much love xx


  7. Susse Winther says:

    Hej mor Klik nedenfor efter den indledende tekst hvor der står Read more of the post, så kan du se hele teksten for Stage 5 Knus Ps. Har ikke hørt fra Rune endnu

    susse winther tekstforfatter/copywriter copenhagen +45 4097 1860

    Sendt fra min iphone

    > Den 11. apr. 2019 kl. 20.18 skrev Trepidatious traveller – camino blog : > > >


  8. Colleen says:

    I’ve caught up with you. I’m glad the last days were more colourful … I will wait patiently now for the next stage. Buen Camino! x


  9. Marilyn van Graan says:

    Oh good better weather and lovely bright blue skies – so happy for you – changes the whole just a touch don’t you agree – lovely photos again Mags – you are a super star with that camera – travel safe and hope the weather improves from now on. Love always MXXXX


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