Ruta de la Lana, stage 6, Alpera to Alatoz, 27 km

Distance, 27 km
Elevation gain, 263 m
Elevation loss, 245 m
Total distance 170.5 km
Daily average, 28.4 km

Can I say a big thank you to all who are joining me on this adventure via my blog. And thanks so much for all the comments you have left. I really appreciate them, even though I don’t get much chance to respond.

A special hello to Nina’s and my camigas from last year, Marilyn of course who we miss with very step, and Gwen, Clare, Laurie. And then later when we were joined by Aurelio and Paul. I have heard from you all (and Dave) and it makes my heart sing. Eli, are you here for the ride?

Og en hilsen til alle mine danske følgere.

And now back to business…There was a quick exit from town this morning, past the church with the rising sun bouncing off the walls.

We passed some ‘hobit’ houses, probably used as wine cellars. There are acres of vines growing in the area. Then there were the beautifully tended allotments – even when they’re not planted they look so neat and tidy with their regular rows of mounded earth awaiting seedlings.

There was a cloudless sky and the sun was strong, but still the bitter wind persisted, strong and gusty again. There was frost on the ground in places sheltered from the sun. The path was a little more varied today, mostly on wide agricultural tracks, but there were a few stretches of uneven, winding, rocky ground, a walk through woodland, and only a short distance of asphalt. There were many orchards, mostly chestnut, but also almonds, cherries and apples.

We managed to find shelter amongst bushes and trees to hide from the wind and take our breaks, never far away from the towering wind turbines that whirl away on every ridge of every hill. If the weather of the last few days is typical, they must generate a lot of electricity!

At 14.5 km there is another division of the path – to the left for the Levante and to the right for la Lana.

We arrive at Alatoz and follow our instructions to ask in bar Ovi in the Plaza Mayor for keys to the albergue. We’re told that the hospitalero is working and won’t arrive until around 15:00. But there is a slight problem, there are four beds in the albergue and there are six pilgrims – the Spanish guys, a German couple and us. A very sweet spanish man from the bar tells us that two are welcome to stay at his house, and we are pleased when the Germans volunteer. Meanwhile, whilst waiting for the hospitalero to arrive we are kept amused by a most delightful and very talkative six year old boy who is very interested in our backpacks and all the things we have hanging from them.

The albergue is in a large room attached to the polideportivo at the top of town. It is very cold inside but luckily there is an AC unit that we can turn to warm air. There are separate bathroom facilities which are absolutely icy. After doing our washing and hanging it to dry on the fence, we return to the bar for some lunch. When I explained my diet I was given a plate of fried aubergines and potatoes, the first hot meal I have eaten since the end of day 2, and it tasted so good. After lunch all six pilgrims sat down for a chat with el Presidente of the local amigos association

Someone posted a comment asking about what I have been eating. I eat a plant based diet (vegan) and last year I self catered quite a lot, cooking up healthy stews whenever a kitchen was available. So far this trip a kitchen hasn’t coincided with a supply of suitable food, but I have been doing quite well, one evening a cous-cous salad from Dia, supplemented with cherry tomatoes and rocket. The next day a quinoa salad from the supermarket ‘Consumer’. Last night I made a concoction from mashed chickpeas with additions from supplies to give some taste, eaten as a dip with carrots and red pepper. Lunches have been granary roll with avocado and salad or with hummus. All washed down with plenty of fruit. I’m doing alright, if not exactly eating gourmet style!

And so another day ends.

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Trepidatious Traveller - camino blog is about preparing for and walking the Camino de Santiago. Many future pilgrims have found the blog useful and inspiring, and many who have no plans to walk the camino have simply enjoyed the dialogue
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16 Responses to Ruta de la Lana, stage 6, Alpera to Alatoz, 27 km

  1. Janice Tyler says:

    The food looked delicious but oh how I remember those cold Spanish tiled floors!


  2. Alan says:

    Enjoyable and informative post again Maggie. Nice pics too.


  3. Colleen says:

    great photos… it sounds like you enjoyed the walk today 😀


  4. ingridfolkers says:

    getting used to my almost plant based diet, my challenge will be the necessity of very low fat. So nothing fried. Ah the joy of being a good girl. not fat, no alkohol… yikes


  5. ingridfolkers says:

    getting used to my almost plant based diet, my challenge will be the necessity of very low fat. So nothing fried. Ah the joy of being a good girl. not fat, no alkohol… yikes


  6. John Kellas says:

    Hi from Oz
    Mag I think u r still using Wikiloc for yr mapping
    I use it all the time since u introduced it to me on yr last Camino
    Any chance u could include yr moving time and total time for each day?
    Esp as u were at yr accommodation by lunch time. You must have bn striding out all morning?


  7. And how is the cava?


  8. M3 Mary says:

    Another good day by the sound of it Maggie. I’m glad you are managing food wise. Our weather has definitely settled and the wind has gone. You can’t be far behind us in terms of Summer coming!! Stay well and healthy and bon camino. Much love xx


  9. Maureen says:

    Beautiful morning ‘golden’ light! Your pictures always delight!


  10. tamsing says:

    Great blog. Make sure you get enough protein!


  11. I agree – Love Wikiloc!


  12. Jo kennedy says:

    Maggie, as always enjoying every step. Kindest regards from New Zealand!!


  13. Marilyn van Graan says:

    Your food is just down my alley – mmm looks delish – wish that pesky icy wind would blow itself out – glad that there are some other pilgrims on route – even to share a glass of something together. What an amazing photographic eye you have and your way with words. I have such a chuckle over your observations – love always my lovely friend and hugs for you both XXXX


  14. Kristina B Wilkening says:

    Hi Maggie…I am following you. I started saving your posts and read them when I am relaxing with a glass of wine or morning coffee. I am savoring them. Ha. You are a real wonder woman. I always enjoy your writing and you fab photos.


    • magwood says:

      Kristina, enjoy it while it lasts! And of course I always enjoy reading about your adventures and your amazing photos. It seems we have a mutual admiration society!


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