Camino Mozárabe stage 8 – La Peza to Quentar 28 km

Today’s distance 28 km
Elevation gain 747m
Elevation loss 861 m
Total distance from Almería 189.5 km

We leave earlier than usual at about 7:20 because of today’s long hike. Some grey cloud is hanging in the sky and the view is a little hazy.

There is an initial very steep climb out of town and we take the high road that leads us to the top of the ridge of rock that separates two very deep and fertile valleys. We are all carrying extra weight today because of the food and water that is necessary on this long stage without any facilities and the continuous climb is taking its toll!

As usual first thing it’s quite cold, today with a chilly wind. I have been wearing my shorts every day because my legs don’t really feel the cold, but my upper body does, so I have been wearing a sleeveless merino T-shirt, arm warmers, a lightweight fleece and a scarf, and sometimes, first thing, a buff around my head to keep my ears warm. This combination allows me to adjust the arm warmers, fleece sleeves and scarf as necessary to keep warm or cool down. There has been no need for a rain jacket so far this camino – and long may that last!

It’s late morning before the sun puts in an appearance, and then there is a battle between the cool wind and the warm sun and my sleeves are up and down with great regularity.

The views from the ridge into the valleys are beautiful, the huge rock formations in this area are incredible, but it doesn’t make for easy walking.

The first 8 km out of La Peza are along wide driveable gravel tracks that pass through woodland and we climb and drop as often as my sleeves are adjusted – but the first three-quarters of this stage are definitely mostly about the climb. We are then directed onto another river bed, deep sand, which runs alongside the road. A couple of us kept to the river bed for over 3 km, but the road would have been much easier and there probably isn’t much traffic.

Then we cross the road to another wide track meandering around the contours of the mountains. One of us thought that whoever dug the track should have made it more horizontal to save us having to climb so hard – but where’s the challenge in that?

Nina and I stop for breakfast at 13 km when we find a spot sheltered from the wind and then take another break a few kilometres further on where we are joined by Gwen and Marilyn.

At 22 km we pass through a towering white quarry where the sun reflects brightly off the rock face. And shortly after this there is a diversion which shaves around 3 km off the stage, for which we are very grateful. And from this point on the tracks were more rugged and on varying terrain. And very steeply downhill for quite a few km.

In Quentar we are staying in a small townhouse (Casa Rio Quentar, booked via and have a roaring fire going. The kitchen is well equipped, there is plenty of hot water for showers and we have use of the washing machine. It costs 17 euros per person for five people. Number six opted to stay in a small hotel in the village. For those of you concerned about my diet – thanks for your concern, but there is no need. I have cooked a healthy meal and have all the protein I need to keep me going.

There was also a question about how my feet were bearing up – I hate to tempt fate, but so far, so good. I take preventative action by using silicon toe caps where I know I am prone to tender spots and am alternating between toe socks and my old merino wool liner socks.

Tomorrow, Granada!

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10 Responses to Camino Mozárabe stage 8 – La Peza to Quentar 28 km

  1. Janice Tyler says:

    That looks like a long slog . Proud of you all


  2. Jenny Heesh says:

    Well done on that long slog Maggie and co! Lovely photos as usual Maggie. Is that a Euroschirm sun-reflecting hiking umbrella that I see? Best umbrellas ever!


    • Gwen Lauder says:

      Yes I love it So strong .I had it on the Portuguese last year in the summer Saved me

      Liked by 1 person

      • Jenny Heesh says:

        I have one too Gwen – I agree with you, they’re lifesavers. I used it on the Via Francigena last year and am taking it with me to the Frances this June when I’m walking and doing first aid with David (David from the Forum) who Maggie knows.


  3. Cathy Platin says:

    Another challenging day; great job! Sending you energy and strength and lots of joy…


  4. Danielle says:

    Wow! You ladies are strong! Well done! Looking firward to seeing your photos of Granada!


  5. mary lynch says:

    That was a long hard day Maggie and well done to you all. Wonderful photos as ever. Loved the stove in your accommodation, nice to have some comforts after a strenuous day. May the sun continue to shine on you all. Much love and buen camino xx


  6. gerarddamato says:

    Well done all of you, particularly Granny! Gerard.


  7. OzAnnie says:

    Long haul .. but it’s so green too. Must be a lovely walk and having the company is surely a bonuses


  8. Sue says:

    Well done Maggie. Arrived in Cannilas today by plane and taxi. Taking the easy route. Xx


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